Are klutz and clutz the same?

Is clutz the same as klutz? Or is only one correct?

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  • both seem to be correct but I tend to prefer the k - spelling , given its etymology. The same as for kaput, kaputt for instance. Mind you , you have to be aware of its meaning and the right use so as to avoid misunderstandings .

  • Try not to use the above words unless it is a very good friend! When I worked in China my students loved using the f... word and the God word which can offend people. The most important part of learning a new language is pronunciation. Stick to the basics. There is a great English saying " Less is more".

  • Yes please. Klutz and clutz are the same though they reflect different English Language varieties. These varieties are American variety of English Language and British variety of English Language. Klutz is American English while clutz is British English. I hope this helps.

  • Hi, Lidia765! Yes, both have the same meaning, they're just written differently on account that klutz is how it would be written in American English. Hope all these wonderful answers help! Best, Kae

  • Klutz and clutz have the same meaning. Clutz is British and klutz is American

  • Hello Lidia! "clutz" and "klutz" have the very same meaning, however, they belong to two different versions of English. "Clutz" is British, so you would use this spelling when writing in British English, whereas "Klutz" is American and would be used when writing in American English. As for when spoken out, both words are pronounced the same way. So, to answer your question: "clutz" will be right when used in British English, and "klutz" will be right when used in American English. I do hope that this gives you some clarification on the difference. Take care, and all the best on your language learning journey!

  • All is correct depending on the context in which you are using them

  • Absolutely, they both mean the same. KLUTZ is an American slang for a stupid, clumsy, awkward, or foolish person. It's a Yiddish (a West Germanic language historically spoken by Ashkenazi Jews) word which came into general American use in 1950s. It's derived from the German word KLOTZ. Hope this helps, Lidia:-)

  • Hello, both are correct but it depends on the version you use 。If you use the British English then clutz it is. The American English is Klutz. I hope it helps

  • Hi Lidia! Cults and klutz are equal and have the same meaning: awkward or even loser. Clutz -British, klutz- American version.

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