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13 lessons
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Hi! You can call me Lisa. Here are a few things about me: > I'm Japanese-Filipino > I was a corporate executive in human resources for an engineering company in Japan for 5 years > I also learned most of my Japanese language in Japan so I understand the struggle of learning a different language and can teach it in a way that's much easier to understand. > I taught basic Japanese to foreign employees both in the Philippines and Japan since 2018 > I can help you pass JLPT N5/N4 ( All applicants under my guidance passed their JLPT exam (N5), December 2021) We will start with the very basic but essential skills. I will teach basic grammar, phrases, and vocabulary. Learning how to reading and write (hiragana, katakana) is also part of the class and I will give sources for these. However, it will help you get through basic class greatly to learn and practice it ahead of time. I ideally start speaking in Japanese only after lesson 15 but once I see the student progress with sentence formation and grammar, I will crank it up on the speaking a tiny bit to help speed up the progression of the student's listening and comprehension skills as well. I also encourage the students to ask questions, please don't be shy! I teach the classes based on the module of Minna no nihongo 1 book. PDF data is also available and I will be using that as my source, you can get it online easily! (look up: Minna no nihongo 1 pdf)
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