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Ryomi Kyosuke Inoue

Ryomi Kyosuke Inoue

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A Certified TOEIC Japanese Tutor.

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I'm half Japanese and Philippines. In Japan, I am called Ryomi Kyosuke Inoue, and in Philippines, Ryomi Kyosuke Cayaban. I spent my entire school years in Japan from 3rd year elementary school to 3rd year senior high school. Before I came in Japan, I was in the Philippines first then moved to Australia and learned how to speak fluently in English. Although I have stayed longer in Japan, English is still kind of like my main language as it is the language that I have frequently used before learning Japanese. I will be turning 22 years old this 2023. My hobby is to play the piano and watch movies including Filipino, English, and Japanese movies! While I do not have any experience in teaching, I do have confidence in teaching Japanese with also Japanese culture as I have spent most of my school years in Japan. I took TOEIC exam (short for Test of English for International Communication) and obtained a result of 785. I took this TOEIC exam because having this certificate will aid me in passing my resumes when I apply for a job in Japan. Likewise, my final goal is to obtain a minimum score of 900 plus before I graduate my college school. People could expect to learn Japanese speaking, including various situations and Japanese words or letters, including simple and easy to challenging words or letters used in specific circumstances. For example, "Katta" this word has different meanings, such as "won" when you have won in a game or competition or "bought" when you have bought something. While we could not specifically express these kinds of words solely by using hiragana, it is possible by using the correct kanji, such as "勝った" for "won" and "買った" for "bought".
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