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Christian Alexander Richmond

Christian Alexander Richmond

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Sensei・Teacher of 9+ years (All levels & institutions; not just English*); TOEIC, Eiken - OK & JP: BEG

23 lessons
23 lessons
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Greetings! My name is Christian Alexander Richmond. I am a teacher of over nine years now, 15 if you include my self-defense teaching experience. My resumé includes teaching students of all ages at various colleges and schools throughout America and Japan. originally from California and have moved to Tōkyō from Okinawa, where I not only taught at various institutions, but I also modeled, instructed American Tae Kwon Do, Salsa, Merengue, and helped others in their fitness journeys. that is exactly why I have put myself in a position to successfully learn and then teach all kinds of subjects to my students. I enjoy to create art, write, learn about Japanese history, read scientific and technological advancement articles, exercise, meet new people, do Latin dancing, go to karaoke, play taiko, explore, I like to help people, etcetera. Creating art, writing, learning Japanese history, reading articles about scientific and technological progress, exercising, meeting new people, Latin dance, karaoke, Japanese drums, exploring, exploring people to help, and so on. English Teacher・英語の先生 - ❀ALPHA Shibuya ❀Saginomiya High School ❀Ōizumi High School ❀Ōizumi Junior High School ❀Kudan Academy ❀Wintech Japan ❀English Room Ichinoe ❀The SEED ❀American Engineering Corporation ❀JSL ❀Gaigo学院 ❀Le Lien Ryukyu ❀桜学童 ❀English Teachers in Okinawa ❀MyRenaissance ❀UC Davis ❀青学ゼミナール ❀Solano College From my childhood and continuing now, helping people is a vocation of mine that intensifies every year. Having taught scholastically for over nine years now, I have over a thousand students spanning all ages and academic abilities requiring specialized lessons attuned to their needs. My experience with students learning English has shown me they are impressionable and that the information they learn in these times can have a dramatic effect. Timidity, lack of confidence, among other things, can be disastrous in modern society that is potentially best remedied with gradual lessons and activities breaking this stereotypical mold affecting some. Diversifying content in every lesson, while maintaining a semblance of normalcy and spontaneously injecting material can be crucial for comfort, laughter, and intrigue to manifest. I believe inspiration lights up when lessons are reactive. Adapt, improvise, and overcome is my motto that has experienced many successes in classes, creating a positive rapport between my students and me. My academic accolades and preference to learn an array of subjects in diverse fields bolster my mental curiosities and more effectively help others learn with ample examples across many areas and in various manners. Teaching the same points, but with a historical flair, scientific tinge, literary style, business-esque vibe, and street light, among other things, is my specialty. And the doctrine of my class is: making mistakes is completely fine and necessary: the best have triumphed over their many missteps in the learning process. Encouraging students to discover and grow from these stumbles is essential.
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