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Hello,everyone,you can call me yoshiko.I live in japan。I am also a mother of three children. I like cooking, singing,playing games. most important ,I like talking with different people from different cultural backgrounds.I hope I can share interesting things in my life with you. I graduated from East China Normal University, majoring in Chinese Literature. My students are college students, children, business people, etc I can teach in English and Japanese. ?HSK I can design courses based on the content of the textbooks Don't worry about the exam, let us work hard together ?YCT or other books for childern Let us learn Chinese happily in the game ?Chinese culture and literature If you want to travel to China, what city to go to, what food to eat,i will tell you To study Chinese literature, let us discuss Tang Poetry and Song Ci together ?For each class, I will carefully prepare topics or courseware that suits you. ?After class, I will sort out the key points of the day for you. ?There will be homework in every class. ?Interesting, serious, professional ✋Looking forward to meeting you
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