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Hello, I'm Yopinda, and I'm from Qinghai, China. Qinghai is a plateau city with many high mountains. The Himalayas are here. We also have rare animals and plants such as snow leopard and cordyceps sinensis. We have the Qinghai Tibet Railway, the highest railway in the world. Qinghai also has many delicacies, including yogurt, mutton kebabs, etc. There are many ethnic minorities around me, such as Tibetans and Hui. If you choose my course, we may have the opportunity to talk about the cultures of these nations in the future exchanges. I can introduce the customs of these nations to you.I am a language lover. I like watching movies, reading books, doing sports when I have time. I am very curious about all kinds of new things and dabble in many fields. I like to chat with people of different languages and cultural backgrounds, so in the process of learning Chinese, I will learn more about your cultural background, develop learning methods suitable for you according to your background. 3 years of online Chinese teaching experience. Learning Chinese is a process of listening, speaking and remembering more.My teaching process is more like a chat scene. We can chat easily and learn Chinese while chatting. The whole process is not serious and boring, but fun and relaxing.If you have HSK6, HSKK, YCT, BCT and other professional Chinese examinations, you can also learn from me.
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