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Simon R

Simon R

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Qualified Australian English Teacher

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Hello everyone! My name is Simon and I am an English teacher from Australia. I enjoy travelling and learning about different cultures. Teaching is my passion and hobby, so I am super lucky to have a job in education. I have 14 years of experience teaching English all over the world. My journey as an English teacher started in 2008 when I moved to Asia as a traveller. My qualifications include a bachelor's degree in Primary Education and a TESOL certificate. My lessons are always lively, filled with enjoyable activities. I always create my own material to ensure that my students benefit as much as possible from my teaching. I use various teaching methodologies, pictures and flashcards to accomplish the desired goal.

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Jun 01, 02:02

Muy bien

Simon R
Simon R

Jun 01, 13:18

Thanks Claudio! :)

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