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I worked as a Chinese teacher in a language institution, but now I work in a 4-star hotel

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Hi, everyone, I´m shuhan, I´m Chinese, I´m 25 years old, I come from a small town and I love to explore the world, without limiting myself. That led me to study Spanish/ English/ French and travel to Europe. I believe that teaching Chinese corresponds to the desire that I have to get to know our planet, and connect with other cultures and people, just as I have done with Spanish. It is for this reason that I think I fully understand the methods of learning a language. What sets me apart from other teachers is that I always try to teach my students to pronounce words correctly, because I believe that pronunciation and the ability to converse is the essential part. It remains and it will be much more difficult to change it back I have a lot of patience, I am friendly and responsible, and my goal is for us to grow together, to guarantee my students the best use of each class. I worked as a Chinese teacher in a language institution for 4 months, my students were adults between 20-26 years old, and after this work experience, I noticed that I like teaching Chinese. I have the certificate of Putonghua Proficiency Test, and my level of putonghua is Level 1-B (92% correct), which is required for Chinese-language teachers in northern China. About my classes: ➤ My teaching method focuses on the pronunciation of Chinese, I believe that the most important thing to learn a language is to know how to express yourself, the ability to "input" is essential. I can bring you different topics of conversation according to your needs. I think writing and being able to read/recognize characters are also very important. I will solve your doubts during the classes. ➤ I will teach you not only the Chinese in the textbooks but also the most used, popular, and recent phrases and expressions in the country. ➤ I can also teach you about Chinese culture and customs. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message.
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