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My name is Malak, and I'm Morocan :) Let me tell you a little about myself: I studied in a French International Institution and majored in Life Sciences and English literature as well as foreign cultures. I have had experience in teaching French and English to young children. I am still new to the teaching world, but I hope you will join me in my teaching journey, and that we can share our cultures and knowledge together ! Ever since I was little, I have been traveling the world and discovering cultures. I was able to live in South Korea (Seoul) for 5 years, and in the United States of America (New York) for 4 years. I have also visited various countries such as Germany, Spain, France and Japan ! This has created in me a passion for traveling and discovering cultures as well as languages. Since then, I absolutely love to meet people from around the world ! I have had two different teaching experiences so far. The first one consisted of a volunteering experience, where I volunteered to teach English to young teens in my university during one semester. I have had taken the major of Foreign English literature and culture, and my professors suggested us to teach students about our major. My second teaching experience was one of my first paying jobs. I was a teacher in a Nursery and was able to teach French as well as English to toddlers during almost 6 months. I loved every aspect of my teaching experiences, because I was able to freely make my courses and build them to my taste, as well as organise activities to keep my students entertained (especially the toddlers) ! In my classes, I would like to be able to see students achieve their academic objectives and help them overcome difficulties by different learning techniques and so on. I would like to teach you, from basic English/French classes composed of reading, grammar, speaking etc, to courses for advanced students composed of literature study or complex speeches and Essays ! Like I said earlier, I have majored in English literature and Foreign cultures, which allows me to create well built courses that tackle all kinds of themes and levels made just for your personal needs ! My lessons are ususally more focused on speaking, and conversations :)
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