When can I use splurge properly sentences?

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Splurge is to spend freely or extravagantly, and properly is a synonym (another word) for accurately, correctly, efficiently etc. If your question was "when can I use 'splurge' properly in a sentence?" The answer would be when when you do something 'extra' than you do normally. Examples: I've splurged about $2500 on clothes. Blood began to splurge out her veins. I won the lottery and I will splurge on the party tonight. Hope it helped you

  • This word is usually used to describe an excessive amount of spending- i.e money. Example sentences: 1. I splurged a bit on this dress. 2. My husband likes to splurge when it comes to cars. My brother splurged all of his allowances on new video games, etc. Next time you want to describe an excessive amount of spending, that would be a good time to utilize this word. I hope that answers your question.

  • I am going to splurge some money on my girlfriend today!

  • Hello Sharaf! I scored very well on my final exam, so I splurged on a new pair of shoes. On my final day of vacation, I like to splurge at the finest restaurant. Don’t splurge on anything this weekend-money is tight(money is limited)

  • I had a splurge and bought two new suits. Hope This Was HELPFUL.

  • Hola Sharaf, El verbo 'to splurge' means to spend (money) lavishly. It is regular so it takes 'd' to form its past tense. It can be used as intransitive (no direct object) i.e.: 'I splurged on the trip? or transitive (with direct object) i.e.: 'I splurged A LOT OF MONEY on the trip? Notice that you have to use the preposition ON whenever you add a prepositional phrase like in the examples above. You can use the word as a noun as well with the meaning of something extravagantly expensive or an ostentatious display. Synonyms: to spend lavishly, to go all out, to be extravagant and the like. As for the pronunciation, remember that the sound of the letter 'u' in 'splurge' is the same as in 'church, curl, or world. I hope it helps, Best regards,

  • Splurge means to spend money in extravagant way or to show off. Synonyms are: spend lavishly/splash/celebrate/ be extravagant/spend. Examples: If you are looking for a splurge , fill your basket with Gucci bag and Cartier bracelet .(to show off) People are splurging on luxury goods during the lockdown .(spending ) It's time to splurge myself with some cosmetics and skincare products !(celebrate). Happy learning! Thank you for asking.

  • Hello, Sharaf! THe word "splurge" has several meanings: 1. major one is to spend a lot of money, time etc. F.e.: I decided to spurge on my kids during this week. 2. secondary meaning is to bluff. F.e.: During our negotiation he splurged announcing something that is to come. The synonyms to this word are: spend lavishly, binge, splash, go-all-out

  • Hi Sharaf, To Splurge is to spend wildly, thus you can use it in the following context. "My husband and I splurged on our holiday and stayed in the best hotel in Madrid. " "I like to splurge once a month and treat myself to a facial as well as a Mannie-Pedi. " I will state however dat the word "splurge" is rarely used in general conversation, "Splurged" is more commonly used as in the example I listed above. Hope this was helpful. Regards, Herman

  • You can use the word “splurge” when talking about doing something more than normal or more than you usually would. Usually, it’s used when someone treats them self or celebrates after doing something hard. For example: “I splurged and bought new shoes because I made extra money this week.” or “I will splurge on dinner tonight because I didn’t eat out all week.” or “I can splurge on these concert tickets because I haven’t gone out in a long time.”

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