What preposition does follow the word "proficient"?

Which of the prepositions is correct? Proficient at Proficient in Proficient with

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the preposition "at" comes after the word "proficient". You are "proficient at" something not "with or in" as these two prepositions usually indicate an active noun after it, like place, time, someone.

  • Proficient typically describes people, and it is followed by the preposition “AT” , for example: “he’s proficient at his job”. but one can be proficient “IN” something, such as languages.

  • Proficient at is the correct answer... it shows that you're Proficient at something... like some specific thing

  • “Proficient in” is usually used when discussing a subject area eg proficient in maths “Proficient at” is used with a specific activity e.g proficient at tennis “Proficient with” is used when discussing a tool e.g priciest with the guitar

  • It is definitely proficient "IN".

  • "Proficient in" is generally used when discussing a subject area (e.g. proficient in Science, proficient in auto mechanics) "Proficient with" is used when discussing a tool of some sort (e.g. proficient with a hammer, proficient with the violin) "Proficient at" is used with a specific activity (e.g. proficient at swimming, proficient at building houses) However there are many other constraints governing the object of "proficient in" Hope you get to learn some usage of these phrases ;) If you want to learn more, just message for a class.

  • "Proficient with" can be used when talking about certain items, such as tools. "He is proficient with a hammer" .

  • proficient means that you are good at something. Its usually followed by the preposition at. you are proficient at reading . I hope it helps

  • ****Proficient means skilled and experienced**** ---_---_---_---_---_---_---_---_---_---_---_---_---_---_---_---_---_---_---_---_---_---_---_---_---_--- Be proficient at ... has similar usage to 'be good at ...' a particular skill, such as cooking, teaching, etc. ---_---_---_---_---_---_---_---_---_---_---_---_---_---_---_---_---_---_---_---_---_---_---_---_---_--- Teacher X is good at teaching vs. Teacher KR is proficient at teaching --- Teacher KR is better than Teacher X in terms of teaching. #teacher_kr_loves_you

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