What is the difference between realise and realize?

Hello dear tutors! Could anyone explain to me the difference between "realise" and "realize"?

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The ize spelling is the sole spelling in american English and is also common in the British English.Realize is a regular verb and can be conjugated into various tenses by adding -d,-s and -ing.For example,in the meeting.I realized that i had forgotten to brush my teeth this morning.

  • Realise is British spelling and realize is American spelling.

  • -ize or -ise? That is the question, and not only for learners. As a native speaker, sometimes I have to think 🧐 about it too. A lot of people think that words ending in -ize like organize are US spellings, and that the right spelling is organise. If you look at the Oxford University Press, it says that like organize, computerize, capitalize, and realize should be spelled with the -ize ending. Other words like advertise, despise, enterprise should have -ise at the end. It’s so confusing because often both of these options are found in many dictionaries. Maybe 🤔 one day it will be one precise ending. In the meantime, here some tips, NOT RULES, that I find to be useful: Noun and Verb: When the noun and verb are the same use -ise like in “exercise”. Pronunciation: Anything that doesn’t sound like “eyes” use -ise like “promise”.

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  • American English uses "ize" where you may have learned to expect "ise". But also, sometimes, where you do not expect it. In England, to burgle is to break into a person's home to steal. In the USA, you may find a form "burglarize".

  • Their is no difference they are just different spellings

  • The difference between American and British English. Other words are; Apologise and apologize

  • In US, the word realize is used but in UK, the word realise is used

  • Realize is often used and it means to know one's self about something. Realise is rarely used and has no meaning.

  • Realize is the correct word.

  • "Realise" is a Non_Oxford British spelling of "Realize"

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