What is meaning of the word "siblings" and "invention"

I want to know the meaning and my level of English is A2.

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A sibling- is a brother or a sister. offspring having one or both parents in common. An invention-an action of inventing something. a creative ability, innovation, or origination.

  • Hey! Siblings can be any age: they're not necessarily children they can be anyone be it a brother, older brother, sister, or younger sister. Invention on the other hand means the action of inventing something, typically a process or device.

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    The word siblings are your bothers or your sisters or both. The word invention means to create something from the idea that you came up with, Nikola Tesla is the perfect example, Nikola Tesla invented the light bulb.

  • Hi, A word "siblings" means all your brothers and sisters. You can say "I have 4 siblings." - it tells us only the number, it doesn't tell us if you have for example 3 sisters and 1 brother or 2 sisters and 2 brothers. An "invention" is when a scientist creates something new, in the past these were for example phones, TV sets and so on.

  • Siblings are the blood related people who share the same parents as you like your brother or sister. An invention is a thing which you create which has never been done before as an invention

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    Siblings means brothers and sisters. Invention means to make something or to design something new. For example invention of bulb. Computer etc

  • siblings are your brothers or sisters ... an invention is a creative ability some one possess ... like invention of bulb, iron ships, machinery ect

  • sibling is brother or sister invention - is something new that is created by someone

  • Sibling is another way of saying brother or sister. for example, instead of saying how many brothers and sisters do you have? you can say: how many siblings do you have? Invention: it is the noun form of the verb (invent) Invent(verb) : to make, design or think of a new type of thing. Example: Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876.

  • the word sibling relates to your brother or sister, so you would call your brother or sister your sibling. the word invention means to create something or the creation of something. E.g The world has never been the same since the invention of electricity.

  • Siblings: sisters and brothers Invent: to make something for the first time. Before the others know it. Invention is the noun of invent

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