What does the phrase "don't be mean" mean?

What is "don't be mean"? Is it an informal phrase?

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Dear Columbus, First of all, I should congratulate you for asking this question, because it shows that you have a good command of the language. You have asked two questions, so let me answer them one by one: 1. What is "don't be mean"? It is an imperative clause. * Phrase: It is a part of a clause. * Clause: It is a part of a sentence. can be used to give commands, advice, etc. * Sentence: It is a set of words that is complete in itself and it conveys a statement, a command, an exclamation, etc. How can I know if a bunch of words is a phrase or a clause? a. If it contains both a subject + a verb AND it makes sense on its own then it is a clause. b. If it doesn't have both a subject and a verb OR one of them, AND it doesn't make sense, then it is a phrase. "Don't be mean" = don't be unkind/cruel You can be unkind verbally, physically, or through your body language. 2. Is it an informal phrase? It is not a phrase. It is an imperative clause. And Yes! It is usually informal.

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