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Live XP charged me with a renewal I ve never asked. How can I have back my money?

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Please be kindly reminded that this is the way all subscriptions work, you get charged unless you cancel the subscription. This was indicated while making a purchase. It was stated the subscription renews monthly (quarterly or yearly), and the date of the next rebill was indicated as well. By the way, do you know that those lessons that you got to your lesson balance after the autorenewal will not expire? You can use them whenever you wish with any tutor on the platform at your own pace! You can cancel your subscription not to be charged next time. In case you have any questions, please, contact Support by clicking on the green button "Need help?"

  • Hi Delia I would suggest you contact support and they will be able to assist you with the way forward. It could be that you may have selected the rental option when initially signing up accidently or because you did not cancel once your subscription was up and it automatically got renewed. Best to contact support. On the other hand this could be a blessing for you to continue your learning journey and I am more than willing to help you along and achieve your best possible outcome in the English language. You may message me to setup a trial lesson. All the best on your decision🙂

  • Dear Delia, Try to contact them to know what actually transpired,it may a typographical error, so try and verify. Main while if you change your mind and continue learning English after the correction, you can come to my class, I promise you a rapid improvement in all your learning skills,both receptive, productive and etc.

  • Hello Delia!! I understand that this situation could be very frustrating for yo!! You can contact them and ask them if there is any rule in which they based on to renew your contract and how to cancel it. If you change your mind and continue learning English, you can come to my class any time and I will help you to improve your English more!! I can help you to overcome any difficulties in English language.

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