I've heard the word but I'm not sure how to write it correctly. Acception or exception?

Hope you can give me a piece of advice. Maybe they are two different words. What do they mean?

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  • There is no word acception. A similar word, acceptance, means that you are completely ok with something. Sometimes, you can say accepting. Exception means "this thing here is not following the rules like these other things". Let's try both. Accepting that her little sister was getting married was difficult for Mary. Acceptance (noun) made it easier for Mary to help plan the wedding. People in America almost always get married in a white wedding dress, but Mary's sister was an exception. She wanted a gold dress.

  • the word you're looking for is exception. it means something or someone that is not included in a general statement or does not follow a rule or pattern. Example: All the men were killed, with the single exception of captain Jack. (Jack was the only person who survived.)

  • Exception means a person who doesn't follow the rules while acception isn't a word. It's accepting, acceptable etc.

  • exception: someone or something that is not included in a rule, group, list or does not behave in the expected way. example: there are exceptions to every rule. men cant read maps but Tim is the exception.

  • The word exception is correct. There is no dictionary meaning for the word acception.

  • Acception

  • exception

  • Acception is a derivative of accept, accepting something. Exception is a person or thing that is excluded from a general statement.

  • Exception is something or some case that is unusual or unlikely. Exception means to rule out a case. For example, there are 10 girls out of eleven students in a classroom except Robert. Here, Robert is a boy hence he is ruled out. There is no word in English called "Acception". There is "Accept" which means to receive something. For example, I accepted his apology which means I am ready to forgive him.

  • An Acception means to achieve something like an Acception letter from a university or to receive something to accept something. And an exception means to leave something out specifically something or someone. To not include it.

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