Is there any difference between two phrases "beloved ones" and "loved ones"?

Hello! I wonder if there is a huge difference between these two phrases. Can I say "loved ones" instead of "beloved ones"?

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Loved ones when referring to family and those close to you is correct. They would just be referred to as beloved in reference. ie: my beloved family. Typically beloved ones isn't used.

  • If talking of only one, for example "loved one", the expression is usually "your beloved"; if talking of more than one, the usual expression is "your loved ones".

  • Hello. There is a difference. You can use "loved ones" but can't say "beloved ones" no that would be in correct, so you would just say "beloved" and remove ones

  • Beloved and loved are synonyms but these examples will help you know when to use beloved and loved. An example of a statement using loved is; instead ,find an activity you enjoy or one you can share with your loved ones. While an example of a statement using beloved is; an actor may post to his website that he is returning to a beloved soap before the soap opera magazines pick up the soap.

  • NO, they mean same. Beloved ones is more formal and bookish. Loved ones os more spoken that’s it ☺️☺️

  • Yes you can say "loved ones" instead of "beloved ones". This is because "beloved ones" isn't actually a used term. You could have a beloved person, pet, location or object though. I hope this helps.

  • You can use loved one for everything like human animal or an object but beloved ones you must use for some particular person. Example- She is my beloved wife

  • “Beloved ones” is not preferred or commonly used, “Loved ones” is a much better way to describe friends or family. You could say “I received a visit from my beloved family” or “I received a visit from my loved ones” “Beloved” refers to larger groups or bigger things, while “loved ones” focusses on a smaller more intimate group of people. I hope this explains it💪🏼

  • It's a smart way of saying the same thing.beloved and loved both referring to people you are close with

  • A Beloved person , thing or place is something that you feel great affection for. It is an adjective used to describe someone we love deeply or dearly while Loved one is an adjective we use to describe something or someone love. Yes you can use both.

  • Okay, interesting, Loved is an adjective or word we use to describe someone we just ordinarily love or like, but beloved is an adjective we use to describe someone or something we deeply or extraordinarily love.

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