Is there any difference between these two verbs: to look for and to search for?

Could you explain to me the difference between "to look for" and "to search for"? Or are they the same?

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Hi there there is no real difference. To search is just used more formally . Look for on the other hand is more casual . These can be used interchangeably.

  • To "look for" is most commonly used. To "search for" is more formal and serious. For example, I can say "I am looking for my glasses", but if I am really unable to find them, then I would say "I am searching for my glasses" as the situation is more serious now, I need my glasses in order to be able to see. But to "look for" is most common.

  • Search for is official and formal ,while look for is casual

  • "To look for" is when you are looking for something in a classroom or a room at home. "To search for" is when someone is missing and a report has been sent to the Police. Archelogists use the term "to search for" when they are digging for something they found information about from a book or through research over the internet.

  • “Search for is more official. “The police are searching for evidence”. “Look for” is a more general term “I am looking for my cat”.

  • 它们是不同的,“寻找”是指在丢失某件物品,我们会使用“寻找”这个词语,另一种,当我们与在一起人的失散,需要“寻找”这个词语,泛指具体的人或者物体;而“搜索”这个词语相较于“寻找”范围更加广,更抽象的东西

  • There isn’t really a difference. The more popular one is “to look for”. When you’re saying “search” is sounds very official. You would hear police searching for someone but you would look for your friend for example :)

  • Hello Melz, Look for define to see something instantly and search for tell to find something

  • Hi, Look for is more like taking a quick look to find specific things. But if you search for, it contains more technical and detailed way of doing it. Hope this helps. Bye.

  • Both terms are used in the same way most times. However, I can go to ‘look for’ my friend who is in the hospital. Here ‘look for’ is used instead of ‘visit.’ In this case it would be different from saying that I am going to ‘search for’ my friend. To ‘search for’ is more rigid.

  • They are just the same. But sometimes we use "to search for" in a formal or technical conversation. "To search for" is often used when we try to search for something from the search engine. So, it depends on the context and how it used.

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