Is it possible to learn Russian as a foreign language and speak it fluently?

Hello! I tried to learn Russian, but I gave up. It's too hard. I can't understand this language. But I wonder if it is real to master Russian and speak without an accent and with correct endings?

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It seems very difficult only if you look at all the aspects of simultaneously. But if you have a plan of learning it with measurable results after each step - you will always know where you are and how long is the way ahead. And also your personal goals should be added to each level you are trying to obtain. And they should be adequate to the level. For example if your dream is to only read Leo Tolstoy in Russian and you are not even A1 level yet - you could be constantly demotivated, cause no matter how long are you studying - Tolstoy will be still too complicated for you. But if you have little personal goals (to read smth special in Russian, to talk to somebody Russian about smth) adequate to the level you have (A1-B2) - you will be constantly inspired on the way! Cause you will constantly see how your dreams will become true.

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