Is Colin able to provide BACB fieldwork hours toward the BCBA license through the remote position?

Or is he only able to provide that in his clinics?

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  • Remote position is working online from home and fieldwork is working on site. So therefore I think Colin must do it in person since it is an on-site job.

  • From where I am sitting, all information must be verified by the supervisor for assurance purposes. At the end of the day, laws are important and must be followed so that everything will go accordingly.

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  • Remote position means he is not at work, probably working online. Fieldwork is practical and in person which means you can not do this work online, you have to be there.

  • Is very necessary that you verify that information with the Supervisor and Don't have any doubt about the license to provide that kind of Jobs, at the end of the way law and superiors are the answer .

  • First, review the list of acceptable activities in the supervised fieldwork requirements sections of BCBA or BCaBA handbook. Then, ask your supervisor. They are ultimately responsible for determining whether an activity meet our fieldwork requirements, lines up with your professional goals.

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