I'm pretty sure. What is the meaning?

Does the phrase "I'm pretty sure" mean strong confidence in something? Or I didn't understand it?

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Hello Babayaga, Thanks for your question. 'Pretty' is a word that has more than one meaning and it works in different categories. As an adjective it means beautiful, I think everybody knows that meaning but as an adverb it modifies the grade of an adjective and it means 'a bit more ' 'moderately' 'to a certain extent'. In your example it means 'I am sure at an acceptable grade of security' (not insecure but not completely sure either). Notice more examples: That dress is quite expensive (outstanding because of its high price) I am pretty well at the moment ( I feel remarkably well) It's pretty soon. I think he will come later. (A little less than very soon) You can use 'quite' as a synonym as well. But be careful because 'quite' has several meanings as well and one of them is 'completely' which could be confusing. I hope you know by now the meaning of your word pretty well. :-)

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