I’m little bit confused, which language should I learn first?! Is the easiest or the most common?

All languages have something unique and beautiful about it.

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First of all. study English, of course. Coz it's international. Later start learning other languages. Dear students, welcome to my lessons!

  • I think you should consider learning English first coz it's a global language which comes with a lot of benefits for the user. Then, you can learn other languages. You will enjoy learning the language in my class, I promise.

  • You should definitely go for English because this the language which is used globally and this is the easiest language anyone can learn☺️

  • The most common is recommended first, cuz u have a wider range of materials to practice with(more videos, songs,etc). Plus, finding a partner to use the language with would be much easier.

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    Hello there, English is the best language that you firstly need to learn since it is internationally used as a medium of communication may it be about business, interest, education and many other.

  • English is very easy, fun and important to learn, it will need you in any job or any part of the world, but it is up to you to decide

  • English is the most popular language in the world. In the beginning, I believe the most sensible language to learn is English.

  • Hello, Languages are key of world communication. English is the first even the most intuitive language but Chinese and Arabian as well so far In case you need more information feel free to contact me Best Regards

  • Hello, Jass! There is no right answer to this question. Throughout my career, I have focused on learning more common languages because I figured it would be of greater use for me. English does open a lot of doors. However, if you are free to choose, I would advise to simply learn the language which you are interested in more.

  • I would say to start with the most common which is English, used worldwide :) But follow your heart, if you have the desire to passionately learn another language than English, do so ! Your desire to learn will make the learning process easier !

  • I would highly recommend learning English first as it is recognised worldwide. Many people worldwide understand English as it is the most common language. Many find English an easier language to learn as well.

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