if I am in an English environment with A2 level, how difficult will it be for me?

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Hello, ma'am Sophie. As far as I know, that level is a good start in constructing simple sentences including basic conversation. On the other hand, your English proficiency will be even better if you keep learning the language and communicate with other people. Besides, there's no such thing as perfect in speaking English as long as you express yourself in communicating others.

  • Hello Sophie, I hope you are doing well. We all start or have started at that point at some point in time. However, with dedication, practice and a lot of passion, you will definitely leap to the next level in no time. I am sure you will make it one day. I am an experienced teacher, and I have taught many students on various platforms. I can teach about anything you need (English wise) such as grammar, idioms, the whole nine yards, which is an idiom too haha. Also, we can have a lengthy conversation in which we can map out a plan to improve your English. I am ready and available at any time. Do not hesitate to book a lesson with me. See you soon.

  • You can learn a lot from being in an English speaking environment ! Contact me if you want to practise your English :)

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  • Hello. Let's have an English conversation together. See you.

  • Hello Sophie, Hope you are having a good day. Everything is possible with practice. It will be difficult at the beginning but trust me once you start, you will thank yourself. So, I suggest you to read simple English books and listen to the songs with lyrics. It will help you to understand the accents as well. Reading and listening will improve your writing and speaking skills. Best Wishes!

  • It is easy but I would suggest you book a lesson with a qualified teacher so she can assist you and answer any questions you may have

  • It is easy, only if you can book a lesson with a qualified teacher.

  • Teacher Greg
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    Teacher Greg

    It will be difficult. English speakers have their own accents, slang and idioms. You need a dedicated teacher to help you up to C1 or C2 at least.

  • Hello Sophie, hope you are doing well. A2 level is great start indeed but I would suggest you practice more. If you Communicate with people more and start practice with reading and listening, it could improve your English skills even better. I know it can be challenging sometimes but if you try hard, you will achieve it. Good luck

  • Hi Sophie, Having A2 level is a good start. But, I urge you to develop it more. Reading and listening (input) will help your language skills (speaking and writing) improve (output). You have to practice more and most importantly you need to be patient. Good luck

  • A2 is already a good start as you can say simple sentences. However, furthering your English level proficiency will be even better

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