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I was continuing my classes with a livexp teacher named honelyn from Phillipino.

I have completed only seven class out of 20 class. she is now out of track with live xp. I could not find out her todays situation. can you please help me in this regards?

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Hello! We're sorry to hear about this. Try to contact your tutor via messenger. If you don't receive any reply, contact Support by clicking on the green button "Need help?" -> "Contact support."

  • I am so sorry to hear that. You should contact LiveXP Support Team and please remember that you should always have other communication means with the instructor you choose. So, next time you choose a teacher consider this, too. And as a teacher, I wanna tell you that I feel responsible, so PM me if the teacher did not answer you anyway. And if you have lost any money (And LiveXP Team Confirms it), I will reciprocate as much as I can. LiveXP is a valid website with a responsible teaching community.

  • Hi jamilgrp I'm so sorry to hear about your problem. You can contact the LiveXP Support Team by pressing the green (? Need Help?) button on the right of the screen. They respond very quickly. I'm sure you will be allowed to find another tutor. You are welcome to have a look through my profile and I would be happy to help you on your journey to mastering the art of speaking English well ;)

  • Hello Jamil I am so sorry for your inconvenient you need to contact livexp support. For any other informations please PM me My best regards

  • Hi Jamilgrp. You should definitely contact the support desk (using the 'need help?' function in the bottom-left part of your screen) who will be able to help you understand why. I do know that there were some technical issues with the site last week, so, hopefully, it's only temporary!

  • Hi jamilgrp! I think you should contact the support Livexp, I'm so sorry for your experience! You can contact me to further your learning I will be pleased to have you in my class.

  • Hello Jamilgrp, The news you shared was so sad, but the only way to rectify this problem is to contact the support livexp, I hope they can help you out, but if you are interested in booking for a lesson, you can contact me through my profile, definitely I can help you to improve in your learning skills.

  • Hi, Sir jamilgrp, I was sad about the news that you shared. The only answer to your situation is to ask for help from Livexp student contact support, student's FAQ, or Support Livexp. I am 100% sure that they can help you to solve that problem. I just want you to know that I support you in this and I believe that you will complete all the classes in the future... So thank You for sharing your burden and I hope these things that I suggest will help you to solve the problem. Thank You so much and God bless you.

  • You can contact the Suport LiveXP if you can complete the rest of the lessons with someone ese

  • Hello Jamilgrp!! If you want to continue learning English, You can come to my class!! You can see my profile to know more about me!! I am glad to help you. You can message me to let me know the way you want the lesson!!

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