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I want to subscribe as a teacher how do i do that

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Hello! You don't need to create another account to subscribe and learn a language being a tutor. You have the same features and access to lessons with teachers. Just click on the green button "Subscribe," choose the plan, and learn any language with any tutor on the platform.

  • Hello Makobeli If you would like to subscribe as a teacher/tutor on LiveXP just follow these easy steps. 1. Download the livexp app 2. Setup your profile 3. Set your hours of availability 4. Upload your introduction video, CV/ Resume and supporting documents 5. Answers questions from prospective students and build up your views. 6. Livexp will contact you to let you know once your application has been approved. If you would like to subscribe online with a teacher then all you have to do is on the first page of the website it has an option to subscribe with livexp as a student click on it follow the prompts and once you have subscribed you may book a trial lesson with your desired tutor. Please feel free to message me if you have any further questions or if you would like to book a trial with me then just click on the button above that says "Book trial lesson"

  • Hi, Makobeli! Since you mentioned that you wanted to "subscribe as a teacher", you're interested in being a tutor, is that correct? If so, you can follow these easy steps through this link below. 1. Choose from 40+ languages to teach 2. Install Livexp app and turn on notifications 3. Upload your video introduction Hope this helps, enjoy tutoring!

  • Hello,Makobeli ! Just go to the follow the step by step process to register and become a tutor.

  • Just follow the instructions on the application process

  • Become a tutor in 3 easy steps Choose from 40+ languages to teach. Install LiveXP app & turn on notifications. Upload your video introduction

  • I can send you the link where you can sign up as a teacher:)

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