i can't distinguish two words acception and exception. help me please

i need help. how to know the difference acception and exception? not understand it

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I got accepted in Harvard University (they welcomed you in the college) I dont like dairy products with the exception of yellow cheese (you only like yellow cheese)

  • Acception comes from the verb to accept. Exception means different to what is normal.

  • Exception can be something unique or not according to the rule: "Almost every English rule have some exceptions" We can also use the phrases "except something" or "except for something". For instance: "Everyone has finished the test except 2 students." "Each member of my family work out except for me." Acception is derived from the word "to accept" which means the same as "to affirm " or "to confirm", "to agree with". Each website provides us with the message "accept or decline the cookies".

  • acception isn’t a word. you are trying to say acceptance. acceptance means to accept it to approve of something. for example, you gave me a gift so i accepted it from you. while as, exception means to exclude a specific thing and treat it differently. for example, mom said i am allowed to wear any tight jeans with an exception that they’re not ripped.

  • Acception when you receive something and take it. Exception is something out of ordinary, unusual

  • سأجيبك باللغة العربية يا هاجر معك الأستاذة نجوى Accepting و exception صح نطقهم يتشابه كثيربس المعنى مختلف تماما Aceeption معناه القبول Exception معناه استثناء

  • Accepting is to agree upon something. "I accept the terms of our agreement." Exception is something that is out of the ordinary. "That is an exception to the rules."

  • To make it understand I'll give you an example. Acception is getting agree Exception is the filteration. 1. The chances of my acceptions are very high. 2. I'll need all of these things except one.

  • Acception means 'to accept something' and exception means 'special case'.

  • Acception means 'to accept something' and exception means 'special case'.

  • Hi Hajar! You can distinguish between ACCEPT and EXCEPT in two ways. The first way is to listen carefully to the first part of the word. Normally, when you say EXCEPT loud, it first comes out of your throat. But when you say ACCEPT, it starts from inside of your mouth. The difference here is so slight. The second way is much easier. Although ACCEPT and EXCEPT sound almost alike, their meanings are way too different. By knowing their meanings, you could easily distinguish between them. ACCEPT is to receive or take sth. EXCEPT is used when you want to mention sth that is different from the rule or is out of the ordinary.

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