I believe that "Role-play", is a very effective teaching strategy to keep students engaged.

I think it's very effective especially with children. What are your views?.

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Role-plays can be effective on the condition that learners are not asked to memorize anything. If so, it'll turn into an intimidating and also dull experience. Students must be free to construct their own sentences with the themes given.

  • Role- play is an effective technique especially when it is a spur of the moment action or a random theme, when learners have time to plan a role-play, it becomes stressful and loses its effectiveness. When learners are given a theme and asked to role-play from the top of their thoughts it becomes exciting and fun and could be thought of as a game.

  • An Effective way of learning

  • Absolutely, this allows the student to demonstrate and act out concepts to display understanding. In addition, role play engages the student and builds confidence with subject matter being taught

  • Undoubtedly, I remember one time I prepared some scripts for my students to read out loud. Prior to that, I played a video clip for them to watch and listen, then I asked them to remember the way they were talking to each other. I was hoping that they could mimic the actors and actresses. To my astonishment, they did exactly that really well. I can go as far as to say that they have potential. Yes, role-playing as a technique is a good way to motivate students to contribute via their voices whenever possible.

  • As a magician, role playing and theatre play an important role in my art. This applies just as much to teaching. I use the effect of magic to open the students eyes and mind to experience something new.

  • I love role-playing exercises and my students enjoy it very much. It allows to put into practice everything they have learned which is necessary to improve their fluency. It's an enjoyable and effective exercise, yes. Even adults love learning this way.

  • Role play allows the student to practice real-life conversations. Also, this helps students practice in instantly speaking English.

  • Role play allows students, no matter their age , to put what they have learnt in real life situations. This means that they have to use all the new vocabulary, grammar and skills to master what they have just learnt. By doing so you keep them engaged and make their learning funnier and memorable.

  • I totally agree . It's a teaching method that can motivate and engage students . Also, it helps them to learn skills used in real-world situations(negotiation,debate , cooperation, persuasion,.....)

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