How to say correctly "adverse affect" or is it "adverse effect"?

Hello! I can't remember which of the variants is correct: adverse affect or adverse effect. Could you clarify and help me to remember it?

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Adverse effect and adverse affect are two terms that are often used interchangeably, but they actually have different meanings. An adverse effect is a negative result that is caused by something, such as a drug or a medical treatment. An adverse affect, on the other hand, is a negative emotion that is caused by something, such as a stressful event. While both terms can refer to negative outcomes, it’s important to be aware of the distinction between them. Knowing which term to use will help you communicate more effectively and avoid confusion.

  • The more common expression for "adverse effect" is "side effect".

  • I would say it is effect and not affect, as effect is a noun and adverse is an adjective.

  • Hello Usman It is " adverse effect" . It is a noun phrase while "affect" is a verb.

  • In medical terms, an adverse effect is when a medical problem develops as a result of some medication or other procedure. Think of it as a negative side effect. You can also use the term when referring to an unexpected and undesirable result of any action. For instance, "The dad had hoped that by criticizing his son's choice in clothes he would get him to dress more conservatively, but it had the adverse effect of his son choosing to dress even more untraditionally in rebellion."

  • Adverse effect is the right and correct word. Effect is the results of something. while Affect is a verb

  • Assalam o alaikum USMAN Adverse effect is the correct one. Affect is a verb and effect is noun. Effect means result or consequence of an action or cause. Further, adverse means bad or worst or harmful which is adjective and normally after adjective verb (affect) can not be used. Therefore, "adverse effect" is the correct phrase. Hope you got it. Happy learning.

  • "Adverse effect" is right. It means an unfavorable impact. " Affect" is a verb. To describe it, the correct word should have been "adversely".

  • Hi Usman, It is adverse effect. Words " affect" and " effect" might be a bit tricky. " Affect " is mostly used as a verb which means " to have an effect on something " . So they are indeed related. Simply put, effect means "a change of some sort" or " result , consequence" , affect means to make a change to something or have an impact on something which can bring about some change.

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