How much time do I need to improve my English from one level to another?

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👋🏻 Hi Mary, This will vary from tutor to tutor, based on their teaching methods. As for my level and topic-based English lessons, it will take you between 40 and 45 one-hour lessons to move up from one level to another. I hope this helps. 😀

  • Specifically,a year is the average amount of time it will take an adult to become fluent enough in English if he starts out as a beginner and studies 5 hours a day .But, everyone is different.

  • There’s no specific duration, depending on your dedication in terms of learning English.

  • Well that’s on you u must know how much did u learn in each level. If you think you have have learned the specific level protocol then you are good to go and move on to the next level. For more details you can book a trial class with me

  • It is like anything in life. You get out of it what you put in. With that said it is very much like others have said. It depends on you and you tutor. With having in classroom teaching experience with a few kids that have a hard time learning I have learned to try many methods to reach them. Once you find that 1 method and you see the lightbulb go of, you know you got them. Some teachers are faster at finding that sweet spot than others. You both need to communicate a lot though. I hope this helps. Talk to your tutor and try and find that way, so you can move forward faster.

  • The important thing is did I get the knowledge? , Did I learn enough? , Because the first step is to be in attention with learning first , if you learn surely you must upgrade

  • There is no specified time of how long it takes to learn the English language it all depends on the effort you and your tutor puts in.

  • It varies depending on the intensity of your studying and you also should absorb and acquire the proper knowledge and material. The more you learn the higher your level becomes! I can help you in creating your own personal curriculum for everyday learning!

  • It mostly depends on your basics ,if you understand the language well ,then it's easy to move from one level to the next . Besides that it also depends on your routine if you speak and read in English then your progress will raise drastically . Hope it helps...

  • It depends on how much time you spend listening, talking, even thinking on english. Practise and practise. Meaning - watch movies without title or with english title, talk to someone on english, good luck 😉

  • It really takes time in improving your language level. Put patience in doing so

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