how i can improve my speaking skill

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Practice! practice speaking, sing songs, read books and listen to audiobooks. Remember that practice makes perfect.

  • Hi Akbarjon, The key to improving your language skills is to fully immerse yourself and practice speaking. Practice makes perfect, and don't be afraid of making mistakes

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  • The best way to improve your speaking is by being in an English ambiance. and one of the easiest ways is to book classes every day, and talk about your daily routine or your interests ^_^ That way, after some time it almost becomes natural.

  • The first step in improving your speaking skills is learning how to pronounce the words correctly. Even if you are not a beginner, there are still words that you don't really know how to pronounce. Here are some ways you can improve your language skills - Listen to native speakers - Talk with yourself in the mirror - Read books aloud - Book languages classes on LiveXp - Expand your vocabulary - Participate in public speaking events When it comes to speaking, you have to practice more than to learn and study. Now, that you learned the best ways to improve your speaking skills, it's time to schedule a class with me. Hope to meet you soon.

  • Consistent practice.

  • To improve your fluency, you can do two simple things apart from the other given tips: first, take a reading text which is at A1 or A2 levels and read it loudly once while you take the time, then read the same text for the second time and the third time as well. Each time you can notice you have a faster speed and you read in a shorter time. Second, you can download the lyrics of a fast song and read along while the singer is singing. By doing these two activities, you can help yourself improve your fluency.

  • We can try to make you a daily routine to practice every day, and we can correct mistakes together in classes. I am willing to prepare much materials if you are interested!

  • Practice and read books that interest you, so that you should not be bored. The more you read and practice, the more your speaking skill will improve.

  • Listen the native people

  • Hi Akbarjon!! Speaking to others is the best way!! But you can also read books or articles or whatever you want and try to translate in English, and whenever you don`t know how to say a word or how to create a specific sentence you can do researches and find the best way to say something. And If you write the text in English, this method will help you to learn how to write the words. But of course you can choose something to translate that is at your level of English. Although this could be a great way,as I mentioned, speaking is the best. I can help you to practice your English by talking any topic you prefer.

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