Hi, I want just know, how could i start my English lesson? And to know the payment modality.

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Hello, You get on teachers profile and click "trial lesson" which is usually cheaper than other lessons you get. Set date and hour that you like and which is on teacher's schedule. If you want more details, I am here. Contact me on private

  • I can help you. book my trial lessons now so that you will learn in English..

  • Hello Vincent, You can check the teacher profiles and watch their videos to choose the one you would like to have a lesson with. Each teacher has his/her own price per lesson and duration. Teachers have their lesson schedule where you can check the convenient time for you. Some of them as myself allow students to book a lesson in the very moment or a few minutes before the lesson takes place. As soon as you have selected one of them just click the button 'book lesson' or if you prefer that you can also book a 'trial lesson' which is cheaper and shorter just for you and the teacher know a little each other. You will be kindly guided after that by the system with the following steps you have to do. If you have any other doubt you can send me a message and I will be pleased to answer any question you have. Best regards and thanks for your interest.

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  • it's easy just let me know your schedual/availability,than we book a class Live will show you the payment method in your local currency

  • Hello, Vince! Nice question=) The recommendations will be given according to several facts: 1. If it is the first lesson with adult I recommend you to know each other closer. You should ask about hobbies and his/her lifestyle. Also I usually ask where he/she learned language. Thus you "break an ice" and your futher communication can be better. 2. If you've had lessons earlier and it is'nt the first meeting I advise you to ask about his|her day. I use: "How are you?" "What was new today?" And then gently turn to the lesson. 3. If it is a kid and you meet him/her firstly you should make contact! It is very important because you will not have good lessons if a child doesn't like. So ask a lot about him/her! Cheldran like it. Ask them about their toys, hobbies, games, sport, friends and so on. This method will definitely help. Don't forget to smile a lot. 4. If you have the second (third etc) lesson you could just ask how his/her day was. Also you can ask: "What was new at school?"

  • Hi Vince! First you should see what are your goals. Then look for a tutor who can teach that. You can also see the budget, I mean the price of the lessons. Finally you just have to book a lesson with a tutor of your preference. Hope it helps!

  • You can start your English lesson right away by booking a trial lesson with me, the payment modality depends on the time spent with the tutor.

  • Simply book a trial lesson with a Tutor of your choice!

  • Hi Vince, You can start by knowing what you want to learn in English.After that you look at your budget. You can go and choose a tutor from your home page that suits your need and your availability. Send them a message before booking or book and send the tutor a message. You can start by looking at my profile to see if am competent,if yes then book a lesson with me. Hope this helps you. I'll be very happy to welcome you to my classroom

  • Hello Vince. The only thing you need to do is to choose a teacher that you think will be good fit for you and then go to their profile and book a time that they offer in their schedule. I think it's best if you choose a tutor with a similar time-zone to yours but this isn't very important.; we are ALL here to help you! I think most teachers on here use PAYPAL as their form of payment. What country are you from and what are you hoping to improve with your English? Send me a message :)

  • Hey Vince you can start by booking a lesson with me and then we can discuss the price according to the hours you intend on taking

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