Hello! What is pcs?

Is pcs plural for pieces? Can pc be used for piece in singular?

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Yes roman. piece is single form and pieces is plural . pc and pcs are abbreviations of the two words. I hope it helps

  • Hi Roman There are at least SIX meanings for the abbreviation pc I can think of that immediately come to mind: piece personal computer politically correct press conference private chat post code So you really need to use the complete word until you establish the context so that your reader/listener will not be confused as to the meaning. Hope this helps

  • To be honest, Roman, I had to browse for the meaning of pc because the PC I know means Personal Computer. So, I learnt that pc means piece and I think that means pcs would mean pieces. However, just like I had no idea that pc could mean piece, others could be clueless too, so why not just type in full? The rest It's always easier to type in full as you do not have to explain yourself at every point of your conversation. Also, if you're learning English language, it's not advisable to get used to abbreviations early on. I must thank you for helping me to learn something new today. I've only given a pc (winks) of advice. No ill feeling intended. I hope this response has helped you in a way. Best regards.

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    Roman, I can understand what you are asking and you seem to have the correct understanding. I would just like to help you adjust your question so that it is easy for everyone to understand. pc = piece pcs = pieces Pcs is the plural of pc or pieces is the plural for piece. (You already know this.) Is pcs plural for piece? Can I use pc for the singular piece?

  • Hi roman, "pcs" is usually the abbreviation for "pieces". For example when it comes to parts like screws, thy usually have a number which means the size of the screw or quantity. By putting "pcs"(pieces) after the number it lets you know the size and or quantity. "pc" Can be used as a singular in the context abbreviation of "piece" or "pieces" Examples----"pcs" (pieces) "The puzzle came with 50 puzzle pieces" ----"pc" (piece) " I would like 1pc of paper for my homework" Hope this has helped!:)

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