Hello, I am new here, How do we get students here ? What teaching materials do you use?

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Hello I have taught on this site for a while. I have 1000+ lessons, however, like any website, the algorithm of the site changes what attracts students. I find teaching topics on google. For low level speakers, we read children's books (no matter the age) and basic grammar lessons. For high level speakers, we do some more complicated reading and free conversation. Live XP has a large student user base. But opposite of that is there are many many many teachers to choose from. You must stand out. You must cater to the populations of language learners: - Beginners : They lose motivation the fastest. There is a frustration from being an adult and not being understand something. Think like a 40 year old trying to remember to do long division. You must have a structured lesson method to move them through. - Children : Some children have more motivation than others - Business people : Formal, email correspondence - "Realists" : They want to speak with your accent and slang

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