Helio plese i want cancel my subscription thank you

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I think it is batter to continue for one month .

  • Hi Osama!! If you want to do it because you think English is difficult, don`t do it!!! You can find a better way to learn English, or the book you are studying is too difficult for you or you are interesting in the topics of the book. Try other books, try other ways, maybe you can try to learn too slowly so it will nnot be so difficult for you!!! I am sure you will need English. Really, I am sure because I had the same struggles. If you know English you can read almost everything, You can watch more interesting videos on youtube. You can watch your favorite movie. You can do researches and find more results because you will know English!! I am willing to help you with the best materials. And soon, the English will be easier for you to learn.

  • I would advise you against doing so. I know it can be challenging to learn English at first, but if you persist and practice as much as you can, you will soon feel more confident. You should trust your tutor or try another one if you don't find him/ her inspiring or efficient enough. However, quitting is not the right option to my way of thinking. I wish you the best!

  • With Helio , you take away the 'i' and put a "l" making the word (Hello). With please, you must add a "a" between e and s. Form the word (please). Between want and cancel you put "to". So the Correct sentence would be: Hello, please I want to cancel my subscription. Thank you. Side note :it's essential to use punctuation marks correctly in a sentence. Punctuation marks are your commas, full stop, question mark and exclamation mark.

  • Hello please I want to cancel my subscription. This is the right way to write the sentence and I think you can benefit if you take more sessions. I can help you

  • "Hello. Please, I want to cancel my subscription. Thank you." Is the correct grammar. And as for wanting to cancel your subscription, I'd advice you to try scheduling a lesson with another tutor.

  • SRock
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    I suggest you stick to the lesson plan for another month or two. You will improve more in your spoken and written English

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    Hi the correct way is to say HELLO PLEASE CAN YOU CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION PLEASE. THANK YOU. If u need further help contact their helpline.

  • Hello Osama3. "Hello, I want to cancel my subscription please. Thank you." is a better way to say it, or write it.

  • Hi Osama first of all lets take care of the grammar you have used. The correct way is; "I would like to cancel my subscription please, thank you. secondly, contact the support team, i'm sure they will be able to assist you. if you decide to stay i might be able to help you achieve your goals and aspirations.

  • Contact the support team by using the form and let them know you would like to cancel subscriptions.

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