Girlie or girly? I don't know which is correct

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Hi, Roman! Well, this depends, totally, on the context in which you wish to use the word. Yes, both words are pronounced the same, but the meanings are different. Girly is a characteristic of a typical, or should I say "stereotypical", girl. Usually a young girl. Example: She is so girly with her frills and ponytails. Girlie, on the other hand, is somewhat offensive. It refers to an attractive woman who is nude or wearing skimpy clothing. Good job on getting some clarification on this, It can be very tricky if you're not certain of which one is right. I do hope that this helps.

  • Girly is an adjective and girlie could be an informal noun. Neither is wrong unless used in the wrong contest. She is girly Hi girlie, how are you?

  • That depends on the context. When you say girlie you mean little girl. Girly is an adjective, it is used to say that someone is like a girl, or behaves like that.

  • The right way to say it is girly.

  • Hello Roman Both words are correct depending on context. Girl - young woman Girly - typical girl tendencies (characteristics that generally are seen in girls) Girlie - refers to a girl yes, however, it is quite offensive as it means a girl who is partially undressed. Hope this helps...

  • Both are correct but normally used specifically-Girlie is used usually to describe a certain type of magazine (I have a collection of girlie magazines.) and you’ll see girly used more such as (She’s a girly girl.)

  • Hi Roman, Girl can be term as a noun whilst girly would kind be a describing word eg. describing a trait...."She has very girly ways" Girlie can also be used as a describing word but its context as shared in some of the below posts isnt recommended and may be offensive.

  • thats girly Roman its a common word

  • both are correct. you can use girly or girlie. example: LAURA THINKS HERSELF TO BE FEMININE WITHOUT BEING GIRLIE. When we say Girly it is a slang term for a woman who chooses to dress and behave in an especially feminine style.

  • Girlie is slang in entertainment, it involves describing attractive women or images thereof, usually nude or wearing skimpy dresses. Girly is a term for a girl or women who chooses to dress and behave in a traditional feminine style e.g wearing pink, dressing in skirts, dresses, and talking or performing activities that are as Oates with traditional gender roles

  • girly when you want to describe something or an act like its a girl thing you say its a girly thing wearing dresses is a girly thing

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