Does word green have a slang meaning?

Hey there! I’m not understood slang words and expressions so you help me. Do you know if green is slang meaning? Thanks you

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Hi Usman123. Green does indeed mean you have little experience in life or in a new job. To remember it I always think of trees. Trees are green when they are still small and not fully grown. (Inexperienced) There are some other uses meanings of the word green but I believe this is the most common. If you are looking for the meaning in a different context please feel free to ask me again. I hope this helps. Kind regards Nicci

  • Green can be used to mean unrefined but with potential. Often used as a way to describe talented young athletes.

  • Hello Usman, instead of saying “I’m not understood slang words”, you should rather say “I don’t understand slang words” but if you want to use “I’m” then you should say “I’m not understanding slang words” .The verb to understand can be used in the presence (understand),pass(understood) and future tense.There’s also what we call the presence continuous tense(understanding) when the action is still taking place.

  • Yes green does.You use the word green to describe someone with no or little experience of life or a particular job

  • There are uses of slang

  • Hello Usman, there are loads of meanings about so called colour idioms. To be green means to be inexperienced or wet behind the ears. To be green with envy means a person is so filled with envy and jealousy :( because he or she tends to think others are way better in whatever they do. You may have heard the expression ' a green eyed monster ' / jealousy :( i.e. when we fall in love , we tend to be jealous and overly protective . This phrase was coined by William Shakespeare. :) To be green -fingered means to love gardening and to be very very good at it , to have a natural ability in growing plants, veggies, herbs etc this point in history, there are loads of Green movements and the Greens i.e. the political parties to do with the climate change narrative. And of course there are both upsides and downsides to that. Sadly some companies and individuals merely greenwash their offices or business premises in their virtue signalling :( political manifestos :( and woke agenda

  • Sure. There are a lot of "colour" expressions in English. This is just one of them. And as my colleagues have already explained, it means "a freshman" but there so many other combinations as well, like "to have a green thumb" which means to be good at gardening.

  • Yes it does, simply means that you have little to no experience in something.

  • Hey! That's an excellent question. The slang expressions are very difficult to catch at first when you hear them, but when they are explained everything becomes more clear. The first thing that comes to mind is the green color that is associated with dollars in the United States Green may also refer to someone who is environmentally conscious, and it is generally followed by either fingers or thumbs. "Lizzy has such "green-fingers" that you can give her a dead plant and she will bring it back to life in about a week," for example. Green, as a slang term, means a lack of expertise in a certain field. Green is also associated with cannabis; a bag of green is synonymous with a bag of weed. Green with envy is a term used to describe someone who is thought to be jealous. Though you don't hear this as often nowadays, it's more traditional. I suppose when you are green, you may feel sick, especially if you get seasick. One more meaning is: That’s green - Something unfair has occurred.

  • and also, if you have green fingers, it means that you are good at gardening :)

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