Do you think 'New Years' resolutions are effective?, and also what are alternatives to resolutions?.

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I believe resolutions comes from mind and passion. Every day could be a new year, if you are passionate about your goal.

  • Having resolutions are a good thing. Doesn't necessarily have to be 'New years' resolutions. It can be anytime of the year when you want to set a goal for yourself.

  • Having goals is a good idea to keep yourself motivated and moving but it is not just about the new year. you can set a goal anytime that you want to😊

  • Making New Year’s resolutions is a good and helpful idea if we stick to our goals throughout the year. These intentions should be attainable and possible though. Most people fail to achieve their goals or simply forgets them. I think that’s because of setting long-term goals not a shrt-term. We can set our annual goals but we need to set short term such as monthly or weekly goals as well in order to achieve the main goals.

  • Yes, they can be effective, but it’s even better, in my opinion, to make whole year resolutions.. goals. Monthly goals are more a effective alternative. This way, your monthly goals stay in front of you, and you don’t leave it up to just January to thrive.

  • For some people they work, for some not. It is a personal decision that is either achieved or not by ones own mind, so you be the judge. Make a decision then carry it out, stick to it.

  • It will be effective if it comes with consistency and motivation. New Year implies, new you and resolutions. It is a great way to start the year right, so if you start the year right, rest will follow if accompanied by consistency. As what people say, consistency is the key. Learning everyday and incorporating it as a habit, do your best and the rest will follow.

  • Most people just set the resolutions and dont take action and that is how they become useless. If you set goals, you must work hard to achieve that goal. It wont just become reality without any action. So new years resolutions are affective only if you will take action

  • I believe that 'New Years' resolutions, in specific, are not very effective because if you really look at it, people rarely stick to them. A resolution is something that a person makes when they come to a certain realisation about something and truly has a passion to make the change that is needed. It doesn't have to be done because it is a new year, it is done because there is a change in a persons mindset, and when passion is added to it, it turns into a goal. And, goals are very effective when consistency and discipline is practiced. So, an alternative to resolutions, I would say, are goals.

  • Hi My point of view is that resolutions without willpower are bound to fail. You need to fight to achieve your dreams... My best Regards

  • For me they aren't. I'm more of a goal setter. I then reevaluate mid year to see where I am with the goals I've set and which goal I should drop or alter

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