Do you think English learning has a 'modern' method that is better than traditional methods?

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  • It depends on the comprehension " modern" methods and " traditional" ones.Speaking Skills are well implemented and learning Vocabulary through speaking is one of the best methods

  • I have never used traditional methods. They are boring and fail on many levels. Many students simply do not possess the aptitude to learn a new language as an adult.

  • I think the human method is the we learn as an infant to speak our mother observation trial and error accompanied by a "teacher" praising your achievements and educating you on your errors.

  • Yes, which is giving the Student enough time to practice and speak. Using the technology in the lesson plan to make it more attractive and fun for the Student.

  • Modern teaching methods have many advantages. However, these advantages are the disadvantages of traditional teaching methods. Unlike traditional teaching methods, Modern teaching methods are more interactive and keep students intact. So, I prefer the Modern method as it helps the students to learn in the most effective and creative way.

  • 100%! Movies, TV, and music! Even better is living in an English speaking country and being fully immersed in the environment to practice your language skills daily!

  • I think it depends on a student like some are good how they want to learn and what they found more easy

  • hello. how are you? yes, I think now it's not just going to traditional English class ( the one that this means this, repeat after me) or learning just from boring books works anymore. when nowadays you have a lot of resources that you can help to make it funnier and at the same time learn it in more useful ways, like depends on your purpose its changes. exactly on this platform, you can meet a lot of native people that know more than one language which can help you better because they live in that country and help you with more useful phrases.

  • Hi, Michael! I trust that all is well... To answer your question, platforms such as this one, can be one of the better ways to learn English. But, that does depends on the individual that is learning. Every person is different... Some people do good when learning in a formal classroom and by reading books, whilst others perform better using technology in an informal setting. However, whichever method is chosen, I believe that the persons reason for wanting to learn English if of utmost importance. After all, it is the reason that an individual has that will determine his/her dedication and perseverance. And, that is, after all, what determines an individuals success. I hope that this is some help to you. Have a great festive season and new year ahead!!!

  • I think using technology and method of teaching style and communication are modern method. Modern method is better than traditional methods because traditional methods have grammar rules and only focus on text books while modern method have effective learning method .

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