Do you think disruptive students can actually change if treated better by their tutors?

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  • Absolutely. With the right tutor and teaching style this could possibly change the students attitude. It could be a personal issue and student is just acting out but if the tutor is caring and patient enough he/she can try to find out why the student is disruptive and try to work on that.

  • Definitely, a disruptive student is someone who wants to be heard and listened too, they don't mean harm in anyway. I really enjoy working with disruptive students because it allows me to help them out in many ways and also allows me to understand why they act and react a certain way. You cannot react to a child negatively and embarrassing the child. It's always good when you privately handle it where they don't feel any sense of embarrassment or humiliation.

  • a disruptive student is reaching out to someone to listen to him/her, take the time to help your student, with persistence you will eventually help with what is in your capacity to do.

  • Of course. It’s easy to blame the student.

  • Yes. With positive feedbacks and a safe environment where they can easily communicate their feelings helps make them better.

  • Certainly. The principle is same as that of parenting. Each student is different, therefore has different capabilities and methods. This goes for both minors and adults, we all have a certain way to learn. It is the expertise of the tutor to be able to figure out (more determine) what the learning style of the student is. Any student is able to learn. It is up to the teacher to determine how.

  • Yes, I think disruptive students can change if they are treated better by their tutors. With positive reinforcement and a supportive learning environment, students can become more engaged in their education and develop better learning habits.

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    Yes I do. Most of the time these kind of students want to be seen and understood.

  • Hello In my personal experience the only way to make them quit is giving them assignments and responsabilities. This makes them feel counting, having a role in the classroom. Try My best Regards

  • Yes of course. Students can behave differently in deferent classes. it's important to know how to handle them. once you do, their behavior will change towards you and their classes will be more productive.

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