Dear tutors! I need your advice. Should I change teacher and how to tell her about it?

I've been learning Spanish for almost 1 year with a tutor. But I don't see any progress in Spanish. Is it a matter of time, or should I change tutor? If it's better to change teacher, how to tell her about it? Appreciate your help.

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Don't give up, learning a new language takes time. Perhaps you can ask the teacher to address specific target language or conversations if you haven't already done so. Also consider taking more frequent lessons. You really have to immerse yourself into a language when learning it. You need to start thinking in that language. Speak to yourself in that language and record yourself. Watch sitcoms/series/films in that language and wrote the words down to discuss with your teacher. Be patient and feel free to make suggestions to your teacher. You might be surprised how open they can be and what other interesting solutions you both could come up with. Enjoy!

  • A successful tutor do one thing in many different ways especially if students do not understand, Maybe you should have patience and continue to learn in differently, good way is to carve a niche for yourself in best ways to understand things on your own and then ask the tutor some questions about your understanding and be properly guided. Changing tutor is not always the best for you.

  • That was' you supposed do

  • I think you need to take time and analyse every aspect because in first place language takes time it depends , you need to see how many hours of practicing are you spending during the week beside watch your reading skills and writing and conversational to see if you have improve if not give to you and your teacher the chance and speak in private with your teacher your situation and look for healthy way to Identify where is the begining of the fail in learning.

  • Let him or know your challenges and the difficulties of you still can learn any thing.

  • In my opinion, it's YOUR choice what teacher to study with. Don't hesitate to try someone new. If you want to remain with the current tutor, you can express some topics you'd like to learn :)

  • Well learning a new language or anything new can be challenging at first . If you see clearly that you aren't able to progress,talk with your tutor,try to express yourself more clearly and find out the reason behind it. And you are still not satisfied I'd say it's up to you,you may change the tutor. Just be true about your feelings and experience with the tutor. And much of the process depends on you too,as a tutor can just teach but it is you who has to learn to apply that teaching into practice. Talk in Spanish as much as you can,watch Spanish channel's,news, drama and movies and you will get a hang of it . Keep learning... All the best.

  • You need to speak with your toture about your needs first. tell them what you need them to consider abd sit specific goals together that could help you measure your progress. According to wether you achieved this goals or not, you can make the right decision.

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    Communicate that is the best thing to do. It will also help the tutor to enhance more by telling him/ her how you feel and on which part that made you think or not seeing any improvement. That way all is good. Just be objective. Always remember we are all instrument to one another. You’ve learn from the tutor. Tutor will learm from you. Part of public speaking is to communicate that is how we all exist through communication. You will be fine. Good luck!

  • Changing a mentor is not a bad thing to do. It's your 100% right as long as you talk to that person in a nice way. Sometimes, experiencing different tutors will also build your confidence and of course gain your more knowledge because each mentor has their own capabilities and strategies to teach. I hope this may help you dear :) Anyway, you can book me anytime! See you.

  • Learning new language takes time, whats realy important isbthat you need to listen more often spanish movies, shows, songs, thats the best way of learning. Teacher cam guide you, and you need to target main goals and ask him whatever you missunderstand 😉

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