Commonly MISSPELLED AND MISUSED words, some examples Stationery and Stationary, Affect and Effect.

Stationery meaning : paper, envelopes, pencils. Stationary meaning :immobile. Affect meaning : the weather affected our plans. Effect meaning : effective teaching methods help students. Can you think of more words like these with meanings?

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Commonly misspelled words are: unnecessary ✔️- unneccessary✖️ Accidentally ✔️ - Accidentaly✖️ Surprise ✔️ - suprise ✖️ Commonly misused words: Insure vs Ensure Insure - to cover something with an insurance Ensure - to guarantee or to make sure something happens

  • Must and Most; Where most is used in comparison between three or more things for example;The most beautiful girl in class is Sarah. While Must is used to emphasize on something for example;We must submit our assignment before Friday.

  • Honey: a sweet & sticky liquid that's very much nutritious Money: currency notes or coins without which we can't eat even Soar: rising high Sore: painful Weather: it's all related to climate & environment Whether: it's used to show some choice Beside: quite near Besides: in addition to Flour: the powedered cereal of which we eat chappaties Floor: plain surface area

  • Advice which is a noun : You should follow your parents advice. Advise which is a verb: Ted advised me to consult a doctor. Also a common mistakes students usually make to say advices X XXXXX This is wrong as advice is Uncountable. Emigrate : means to move away from a city or country to live somewhere else. Sue emigrated to Canada six years ago. Immigrate : which means to come to live permanently in a foreign country. Lily immigrated to Australia 5 years ago.

  • NO, and KNOW NO Meaning: negative or refuse. KNOW Meaning : I am aware, I have knowledge.

  • desert: sahara dessert: pie! fewer: things that can be counted (fewer children) less: things that cant be counted (there's less sand on this beach)

  • Complement vs. Compliment Complement: something that completes something else. "Strawberries and cream complement each other perfectly." Compliment: a remark in the form of admiration, esteem, or approval. "I take it as a compliment when people say I look like my mother."

  • Personal: something that belongs to someone or a group of people. Personel: a group of employers who belong to an institution or organization. Race plural races : the origin of a human kind or an animal. Race racing: a competition of running.

  • You're right Nishana. Advise/Advice, Device/Devise, Practice/Practise...those words in which the part-of-speech determines the spelling. lose/loose - verb/adjective to/too - preposition/adverb anyway/any way - adverb/phrase meaning 'any manner' Languages can be so interesting.

  • *Elicit meaning: to evoke or draw out. I tried to elicit a smile from Peter. *Illicit meaning: forbidden by law, or customs. The illicit trade in stolen vehicles.

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