Can you say: to substitute a lesson?

Situation: 1 lesson at school was cancelled and you need to find a new term for this lesson. Can you say: We will have to substitute this lesson. Thank you

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Hello Veronika 🙂 Replace or reschedule will be the right word to use instead of substitute. Substitute means to use or add in place of. Example : Dried parsley can be substituted for fresh herb I hope this helps🙂

  • Hello Veronika🥰 I think for me the best you can say of this phrase " to substitute a lesson" is this: To cover up a lesson.

  • You can only substitute something with something else. For an example, you can substitute the History lesson with an English lesson. This means that instead of having the History lesson, the class will have an English lesson. However, in a scenario where you want to move a lesson to a later date or time, you reschedule and not substitute. I hope this helps ❤

  • Hello Veronika, Substitute means "to put or use in the place of another. Example: "A substitute teacher rescheduled the lesson". Instead of using "to substitute a lesson" you can use "to replace the lesson or the replacement of the lesson"

  • I would use reschedule instead of substitute because the initial lesson was cancelled so a new time has to be scheduled. Hope this helps!

  • Given that you seem to be French? , this might be your mother tongue interference i.e. you seem to be 'borrowing' this equivalent from French or Romanesque languages. It might be ok to use it in so called EU English or EuroEnglish or /the/ Brussels English. You are not supposed to correct it if these are lower level students unless they are C 1 C2. You might like to make them aware of a number of options but it should not be viewed as crucial at lower levels . in fact you should reward the students at lower levels if they use vocabulary which is above their current level i.e.' if they say to substitute a lesson' as stated above

  • teachers are supply teachers or substitute teachers vs to reschedule a class the word substitute is used in sports for players who play as substitutes / replacement or in police and/or military as a possible synonym for a deputy But we do live in the world of English as a lingua franca / English as an international language EIL i.e. the world Englishes , so you might see some unusual forms used here and there

  • We will have to reschedule this lesson

  • We will need for an alternative lesson.

  • Years ago in a School setting it was known as a substitute teacher. But these days it's reschedule. Hope this helps.

  • Hi Veronika The best word to use would be reschedule. You can substitute ingredients in a cake or recipe.

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