Can I use the phrase "stay well" instead of "take care"?

I'm not sure that "stay well" is the same as "take care". Is it the same?

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Take care is grammatically correct. Stay safe is,much better than stay well

  • You can use the phrase "stay well". Although "take care" is more common.

  • hi. Phrases such as Stay well or take care imply positive expression. however, the two words have a different meaning. If u mean the person reading ur message to Stay healthy and be in good condition, U can use "Stay Well" On the other hand, if U wish the person reading ur message to be Safe always or be responsible of urself, U can use "Take care"

  • I think that both ways it mean the samething.

  • Take care and stay safe have the same meaning, hope this helps

  • stay well is the same as saying be healthy/keep healthy, where in if you say take care you are also saying be safe.

  • Stay well sounds like a direct translation from your mother tongue. Take care is the better option. 😊☺️

  • Take care is more formal and appropriate And stay well may be used in slang or friendly language

  • I wouldn’t recommend using this phrase like a synonym. Staying well is like a jynx, your kind of saying to this person as if something is going to happen to them. When you say take care. Your showing affection and a courtier of care towards the person I would personally say take care.

  • They both have the same idea. However, "take care" seems to be more emotionally appealing

  • “Take care” is the politically correct way of saying it. “Stay well” is not commonly used but you can always say “stay safe”. Here’s some other ways of saying “take care” in general situations: - All the best - Get well - Go easy on yourself

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