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Pei Pei

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Hello there! I'm Peipei and I hail from the beautiful country of Malaysia. I feel so lucky to have graduated from East China Normal University in Shanghai - it's a really cool and famous university in China! Do you know what I love? Nature! It's so amazing to see all the beautiful creations around us. I like to go hiking, rock climbing, sailing, skiing, swimming, and riding. And that's not all - I'm also super curious about all the creatures that live in nature like insects, plants, and birds. Oh, and I'm pretty good at outdoor skills too! One of my favourite things to do is to travel to different countries! So far, I've been to some incredible places in Asia like Shanghai, Yunnan, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Xiamen, Hebei, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia (Bali), and Thailand (Hatyat, Phuket). And in Europe, I've explored the UK, France (Bordeaux, Paris), and Italy (Matera, Pompeii, Naples, Agropoli). It's just so much fun to see all the different cultures and traditions around the world! I have 6years of teaching experience, and I had been teaching around 2000+ students in past 5 years. I truly believe that learning should always be fun and interesting, which is why my teaching method is all about making learning feel like a game. For example, we could improve our speaking skills by pretending to be different characters, or write blogs to practice our writing skills. I'll always make sure to adapt my teaching style to suit each student's needs because everyone learns differently! So, let's make learning an adventure together!
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