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I'm a NATIVE the Japanese language speaker and very good at letting you pass the JLPT!

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Konnichiwa from Japan. Thanks for visiting my page. I have been self-employed as a Japanese freelance tutor. Plus I have been teaching international students as the language teacher Tokyo in Japan. I can use Minnano nihongo, Japanese for busy people, Genki na nihongo and more! This is my website. Please look it. I love teaching the Japanese language. I am serious about teaching and would like to meet new learners. By the way, what do you like to do? My hobbies are Japanese cooking it is called ''Washoku'', traveling, going to hot springs and walking with my two cute little doggies. I am an eager teacher and will do my best for learners. Please let me know about yourself as well. I am experienced in teaching business conversational Japanese, general Japanese, reading Japanese news paper and JLPT exam preparation. I have been teaching the language to international students and via online. My students are from China, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Vet Nam, Bangladesh, Portugal , Philippines, England, France, Switzerland, Estonia, the USA and Canada. I have a good understanding of second language acquisition, teaching methodologies. And plus I had been teaching kokugo to Japanese students for 12 years. (kokugo is national language). Let's work together to make you sound more like a native Japanese speaker. Thank you so much. I look forward to seeing you soon. ​​ My goal is to make people confident and happy to speak. Everyone is different and prefers different types of lessons, I have no ​problem using classroom books or just working to improve. I have taught a number of countries students so I am aware of the difficulties that can arise. Language should be interesting and fun to use. I want to make the class enjoyable.​ I'm ready to help you with a fresh mind, a ​positive attitude and a smile. Thank you! Please stay healthy.
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Apr 16, 04:11

Noriko-san is an amazing teacher! In the lessons, she explained everything in detail, and a couple of lessons, I learned a lot of new words and kanji. At difficult moments, she helps to understand and is attentive to teaching.


Apr 17, 20:41

Nargiz san, you are also an AMAZING student. I will do my effort to teach the language for you anytime. Please relax while drinking water and licking candy in our class. Now a lot of pollen is flying in Japan too.


Feb 24, 00:02

Helped me with the T form and we practiced conversation. Thank you so much!


Feb 26, 01:34

You are always very welcome to learn the Japanese language. I have a lot of topics in free talk. I would like to enjoy casual conversations that sometimes include slangs with you together. (*^▽^*) Please be safe and stay healthy, Isabell san.


Dec 11, 07:22

Noriko sensei is very patient and organized. I enjoy so much studying with her and speaking together. She can take you from 0 to any level you want, little by little. I love that she lives in Tokyo, so I can learn from a native Japanese speaker! If you're afraid to start or just shy, Noriko sensei will make you feel at ease! In 6 months of study together, I went from zero to taking the JLPT N5 exam!


Jan 23, 19:56

Congratuation on your N5 passing!!! I am so glad like thats my thing. I love your effort and your postive attitude. Also I know you are busily work. Nevertheless, thank you so much for being my student. I promis I will do my best to teach you!


Aug 08, 13:38

Noriki Sensei is very patient, and friendly, and understands our needs to learn Japanese. She asks many questions to understand my kid's level.


Jan 23, 19:56

Hi mom! Thank you so much for your coopration all the time. Your daughter is an excelent student and has a lot of beautiful smile. I am so pround of her to have as my student.

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