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Hello there. This is Nan, I am a full time Chinese teacher. I have been teaching Chinese for two years. I am a big fan of languages and culture. I take great pleasure in teaching and sharing my language and the culture as well as discovering other languages and traditions. In my spare time, I love traveling and reading books.I love to share the culture differences in the lessons, also enjoy in helping my students to achieve their goals. I found my passion for teaching Chinese after I'd worked in a variety of fields. I'm glad that I'm doing what I love, and I hope you could do that too. I have two years of Experience teaching Chinese, so I am able to teach many different aspects. My teaching style is to teach with multiple examples, guide you to think and make sense of the language and logic behind. I will tailor all my lessons for students with different needs and levels. The lessons will be interesting and practical as i always use everyday-life things as example and materials. The lessons i offered: ☘️【Systematic learning】suitable for Learners at any age and any level. The lesson will be customized for you according to your level and needs. I will make sure all my students can progress consistently with a very clear and structured curriculum plan. ☘️【Test - preparation 】 For students who preparing HSK test. ☘️【Chatting 】For those who want to improve their fluency. I will use practical and relaxing materials to let you learn how to express more authentically. I will also let you say as much as possible, that is the most effective way to improve. ☘️【Chinese for travelers 】Suitable for people who will stay in China for a short time. ✈️Are you going to travel to China? So want to learn some basic communication Chinese? In this course, I will teach you how to ask directions, take a taxi, bargain prices, and other Chinese that you can use every day after you come to China.
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