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Adela Zhang

Adela Zhang

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Hello, I am Adela, I am from Northern China and I am currently studying in Madrid. I have clear and standard pronunciation. I speak Mandarin Chinese (of course), fluent English, B2 level Spanish, and some French words! Do you want a chance to communicate with 1.4 billion people? Then you've come to the right person. I understand that starting to learn a new language with a stranger can be a little intimidating at first, but that's okay, I won't judge you and I hope we can practice and grow together. Don't worry, I'm not a boring person and I look forward to meeting you in class. I have experience both in teaching children and adults. In fact, there are many similarities between Chinese culture and Western culture, and I have always believed that learning the culture also requires understanding the culture, customs, myths and legends. In the course I will also introduce you to the evolution of hieroglyphics. Let's learn Chinese in a fun way! In my experience, the most difficult part of Chinese is the memorization and pronunciation of Chinese characters, but the grammar for everyday communication is very simple, unlike Spanish or French where there are word conjugations. Just practice every day and you will have no problem!
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