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Maria Luz

Maria Luz

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Certified tutor of Spanish as a foreign language

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Hi my name is Maria. I am Argentine and I currently live in Uruguay I like to travel, get to know new cultures and talk about different topics, such as current affairs, ecology, art, business and travel among others. I have a degree in Public Relations and after more than 20 years of working in the business field I decided to dedicate myself to this passion that is to teach my native language, Spanish. I am a certified tutor of Spanish as a foreign language (Catholic University of Buenos Aires/ELE BAIRES) My experience allows me to help you both in the use of the language for specific purposes such as the business area and also in the more informal use. I can help you learn this wonderful language in a practical and entertaining way in order to improve vocabulary, grammar, conversation and listening comprehension. I invite you to take a class to find out your interests and needs and thus be able to design a personalized plan. I speak english and wo yě shuō yīdiǎn zhōngwén I am also studying Chinese.
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