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Logan Pierce Mcgraw

Logan Pierce Mcgraw

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Hello; I am a CNA, PCA healthcare worker. I'am a vetern of the US Army. 36 years old.

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I mainly work as a travel PCA, I work with many different groups of people, from young to older. Love to work with everyone and love to talk. Help ing people comes easy to me. Alot of retired homes have alot of different people from all over the world and being trained in healthcare I have to be able to adapt and be able to understand all kinds of language. It helps when I was younger my mother was also military and I got the chance to travel all over the world and experience diffenernt languges and all kinds of customs.Pride my self in always doing my best and will give you all of my attention and make sure that we can work togher to understand and overcome any barrieer. I have taught soliders in the military, my job was 11B- infantry solider. Have experience teaching kids and people with dissabiltes, from sign languge to having to come up with a custom plan so that they can underwstand. Before the milittary i was in JROTC and was able to learn and beable to teach other high school kis. After the miltary i have been in a Leadership postion and have been able to teach other people younger and older how to repair Vechiles to Cpu's. Having a custom plan and being able to help and understaned is a very welcome quality that I have. My lessons and teaching style can vary depending on the person and the needs that require. I am open to trying anything so that the person or goups that I am teaching understand and is able to ask questions if they need to.
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