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Japanese teacher, Chinese teacher, Japanese teacher, Chinese teacher, Gold Medal Lecturer of the Japanese Language Institute, Veteran Foreign Chinese Worker, Yoga Teacher, China National High School Teacher Qualification Certificate.

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Eating out
I'm from China, 27 years old, and I have a 4-year-old girl. Love, photography, travel, gastronomy, entertainment, music, film, fashion, joyful music, self-respect is a master of yoga. I am Chinese. I am 27 and have a 4 year old daughter. I like photography, travel, gourmet food, art, music, movies, fashion, I like yoga, and I am a yoga teacher. Comparing my course from the beginning, good basics, mastering the basic vocabulary, getting a real life scene from the beginning, studying the usefulness of the assistant students, at the same time understanding the Chinese and Japanese social life and customs. Teaching materials are very important, PPT can be made to help, I love it, there are a lot of topics that can be extended, and it's fun to read. My classes start from practice, build a foundation, learn basic grammar, and start with real life scenes, helping students pass exams smoothly, and at the same time learning about the social life and customs of China and Japan. Understand further. Teaching materials are very important. PPT can be used as a supplement. My hobbies are broad, there are so many topics that I can expand on, and my classes are interesting.
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